How It Works

TradersER gives you the unique opportunity to connect live, whenever you want, with financial market experts, analysts, and tutors from all over the world for immediate help.

It is crucial for you to start making better, quicker, more confident decisions in your financial market investments, and TradersER provides just the trading “emergency room” care you need to become a consistently successful trader.

Getting set up and connected at TradersER is easy. Here’s how:


1. Register. It is Free!

Click on the Sign Up button on the top right corner of the page to create an account and become a TradersER member – It’s free! Once you sign up, you’ll immediately have unlimited access to chat, free, with your choice of financial market analysts from all over the world.

2. Free Chat With Trading Experts

Browse our database of Analysts to find one or more whose expertise best fits whatever trading issue you want help with. You can search for Analysts who specialize in trading a specific currency pair you’re interested in, or who have particular expertise in certain trading strategies. You can also look for trading Experts who offer mentoring services, who will help educate and guide you in learning how to be a market wizard yourself in forex trading. Find an Expert that matches your personal trading style and financial goals, and get all the help you need right away.

Once you select an Analyst/Expert, use our free chat feature to explain exactly what you need help with in trading the financial markets (Forex, Futures, Options, Commodities, etc.). When you find the best analyst to help you with your individual needs, struggles, or trading goals, then you can start your paid consultation call.

3. Call, Get Valuable Advice, Teaching, and Guidance - And just Pay-as-you-go!

To start a consultation call with the analyst of your choice, just click on the call button next to that Analyst’s profile on the “Analyst List” page. You will only be charged the Analyst’s per-minute rate as indicated on their profile. You can use our screen sharing feature to share a chart with your Analyst if you need help with some technical analysis. Payment will be deducted only at the end of your call, from your credit balance added to TradersER platform. You can add funds to your credit balance at TradersER anytime, through secure online payment methods such as Paypal.

4. Rating and Review

In order to help other traders, and to help our Analysts improve their services, please leave a rating and review for the Analyst right after completing your call.

You can call back anytime you want, and speak with your personally selected analyst, or with a different one.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect, characteristic of professional relationships, is expected from both the caller and the analysts at all times.