Why Choose TradersER

TradersER provides INSTANT trading help from Market Experts. You don’t need any subscription, nor do you have to wait for some scheduled webinar to ask your questions. At TradersER, there are financial market experts from all over the world that match your personal trading style - be it scalping, swing trading, or position trading – and who are available to immediately assist you in whatever challenges you may be facing, whether it's reading charts, understanding economic reports and how news affects price movement in the forex market, fundamental analysis, or designing and implementing a profitable trading strategy.

About Us

Traders Emergency Room – TradersER – was created by retail traders, for retail traders, when one of our founders realized that there was really nothing available in the financial industry in terms of offering immediate, expert help for individual traders faced with real-time challenges in trading the markets. Thus was born the idea of establishing this social platform to easily connect traders with qualified trading experts, throughout the trading day, to get questions answered and obtain valuable assistance in making the most profitable trading decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to help you become a “market wizard” in your own right, by providing whatever help you need along the journey of becoming a profitable, successful trader.

Trading the financial market instruments especially on your own can be very confusing and intimidating as price action changes every second due to the different information that drive the markets. Therefore, being able to make better trading decisions, and making them more quickly and efficiently, is crucial to trading success. TradersER is dedicated to helping individual retail traders mitigate risk and maximize potential profits, by providing an easy-to-use “emergency room” in the form of an online social platform that connects them with qualified, live financial market experts worldwide for immediate help.